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by Lipika Biswas
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New “Orrganic Elemennt” in my life

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Recently I discovered my new organic connection when last weekend I decided to give myself a much needed break from travelling and pamper myself a bit. While I was doing some research around where to go for a relaxing facial session which can remove my tan from vocation  in Pune as I am too afraid to use bleach on my face,one of my friend suggested “Orrganic Elemennt” at Koregaon Park. I have always heard good reviews about this place from others too and wanted to try it for myself. What also excited me the most was that they not only use products that are strictly Organic but also their products are vegan, which means no animals were harmed while producing or testing their products. Additionally pure organic products are chemical free which is best you can give to your skin.I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon here. I got my appointment booked for 4pm on Sunday.

Once I reached there I was welcomed by the receptionist who also offered me some green tea. Even though I had already booked my appointment for Organic Skin Lightening facial, I had a few queries around what exactly would be done as part of my facial. While I was sipping my green tea, the lady at the reception explained me in details what would be exactly performed. I recognized that she always had a welcoming smile on her face and it was pleasant talking to her.
Soon one of the estheticians approached me and informed me that everything is ready and I can now move to the room where I will get my facial treatment. I was super exited and was already feeling very relaxed, thanks to the overall ambience of the spa. I was lead to a very cosy, dimly lit treatment room which was decorated with rose petals.

What was very obvious was their eye for details especially to make the customers feel comfortable and relaxed. I changed, laid on the bed to start my facial treatment. I was informed that she would be starting with the gentle cleaning process using a mineral cleansing oil. I was still wearing my  makeup and mascara that generally takes a lot of time and effort to remove it. It took “my” lovely and gentle esthetician about 5 minutes or so. She used this wonderful Mineral Cleansing Concentrate. While applying it she informed that this particular extract has mineral elements and lavender oil which suits my skin type which is slightly on the sensitive side.
The next step was Exfoliation which is nothing but removal of oldest dead skin cells on the outermost surface of the skin. For this the esthetician applied a thin mask of this aromatic Exfoliating scrub gently with her finger tips. She then placed a wet gauze over my face and left it for 5 minutes or so. By this time I was almost in a deep trace, thanks to the beautiful Indian transcendental sounds music in the background.
After cleaning my face with a damp face cloth she applied a toner to the close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing process. She also mentioned that applying toner reduces the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin.
After that she applied an apricot based moisturizer (mixed with stone crop) and started massaging my face in a roundish movement. Every movement of her hands and fingertips made me realize that she is an expert at this art. She must have massaged my face for about 15mins before again removing it with a damp face cloth. This process was necessary to reduce dryness and tan from skin.Immediately after cleaning the moisturizer from my face she applied a hydration mask. This mask was chocolate based, and this time I did not have to ask her as it smelt chocolate all the way. My skin felt wonderful. She informed me that this process is done to fight visible signs of aging and leaves the skin smooth and refreshing. She must have left the mask on my face for 10-15 mins before removing it with a face cloth. After that she ended the process by applying another serum


Such a wonderful evening, and I had only words of praise for Orrganic Elemennt. They really use high quality organic products free from chemicals and they definitely have the expert esthetician. Thank you Orrganic Elemennt for making me realize that my skin needs to be treated the same way I do. I promised myself to visit more often and surely recommend it to all.



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  1. The place seems best for women to pamper yourself for some time to feel better. Organic facial sounds very interesting and great for skin. Will ask something like this near to my place. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. This is the most in thing now. The other day I was talking to a friend who got organic facial done. M just waiting to get this done for myself. Lovely place this seems to be. Nice to connect with you Lipika

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