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Coco-Coffee Therapy with Winniescandor

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Hi Angles,

Surprised by the title? Sounds crazy (read as delicious) right? I also felt the same way when I heard about it the first time.Without confusing you more let me actually tell you what I did this lazy weekend. I got this amazing range of coco coffee based products  from Winniescandor ( a Lonavla based Indian Brand that specializes in various organic and handmade beauty products) and invented my very own Coco-coffee Therapy. Sounds Cool Huuhh!!!

Well !my Coco-coffee Therapy consisted of three simple and easy steps:

Step 1: Giving a coco-coffee wash to your face

For this I have used Winnie Candor’s Chocolate Facewash

How to Apply :-Take small amount of chocolate facewash and mix it with water or for best result use  rose water then apply it in  circular motion to your face and rinse it.

Texture & Fragrance :-It comes in  powder base form (it becomes paste after mixing it with water) and  it  has strong fragrance of chocolate and believe me you will feel like eating it while washing your face.

My Personal Experience:- Winnies candor chocolate  face wash cleanser removes dirt, oil & 0ther  impurities from the skin nicely. It comes out easily with water without leaving any sticky feeling behind. After using this face wash my skin felt clean, refreshed and well hydrated.

Step 2: Applying coco-Coffee Scrub

For this step I have used Winnie Candor’s Coffee Powdered Scrub

How to apply :-Add little drop of water to this coco scrub to form a thick paste.Apply this paste on the face and massage gently inclockwise &anti clockwise direction alternatively.Repeat this step a few times. Make sure you do not rub it too hard.Wash your face with cold running water and pat dry.

Texture & Fragrance: – This scrub comes in a clay form and has grains of oats in it. Since it contains coffee and walnut also as ingredients, it has a strong fragrance of coffee beans.

My Personal Experience:- I was able to apply this scrub evenly over my face. I also felt that due to the coarseness of this product I was able to remove the dead skin and blackheads quite effectively after massaging.I could feel visible difference after washing my face. (Skin looked much brighter after the wash)

Step 3: Applying Coco-coffee Face Pack

I used Winie Candor’sCoffee Cocoa Hibiscus face Pack

How to apply :- Add yogurt/curd to this face pack to form a paste. Since I was doing it at home I applied the paste using my fingers but I would recommend using a brush for convenience.After applying it evenly over your face let it dry for 20 mins. Then wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry. I used natural rose water as a toner
to let the skin pores close. You can also use cucumber juice as toner.

Texture & Fragrance: – This face pack comes in a powdered form and smells almost like a chocolate latte.

My Personal Experience:- It is very important to add right quantity of yogurt/curd to this pace pack to make a good thick paste. I felt no irritation while applying this product and it came off also easily after the wash. The skin looked instantly bright and even toned.


All the three products came hygienically sealed in plastic jars and I should say that it’s a great feeling to just open

the lid and smell the coco-coffee fragrance each time. (I am doing it right now as I write this post ). I was personally satisfied after using all the products (mentioned above) from Winniescandor. They have quite a good range of other organic products and are easily available on amazon as well. Let me know how you liked this post and if you have also done this Coco Coffee Theraphy then I would love to know your feedback . Until next time, bye bye , stay organic and stay healthy.


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